Cash collections can still be electronic with CashPOS

CashPOS is king in Africa. With Cash transaction as the foremost collection and payment system; we have re-iimagined the Point of Sale for you.


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An Overview

In many remote parts of Nigeria and Africa; electronic payment is still a challenge. With lots of faulty POS around; and epileptic power supplies; Cash remains still; a very reliable and fast means of transaction.

Governments have realized this and in the North East of Nigeria; Gombe State; adopted the Cash POS; (An Android powered) cash payment registration system; with electronic Settlement and Reconciliation.

The Cash POS uses Solar systems to power the portable printers for issuance of instant revenue receipts. Cash POS has collected over 12 million naira in the informal sector; has over 22 agents using this APP in the most remote places in the region. Cash POS remains a powerful alternative to traditional POS and card based collection systems. Settlement is Instant with minimal COT.

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